Simple, effective cell phone/tablet/netbook camera security

More and more, criminals are using the cameras in all of our new devices to spy on us. Someone could be watching you right now and you would have no way of knowing it. Even if you purchase security software, that might also be hacked!

Yeah, But Does this Really Happen?

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  • buy securelyNubbers are a simple yet effective way to ensure that no one can see you on your devices unless you allow it.

    A fun, low tech yet totally effective solution! Simply peel off any one of the twenty Nubbers and affix it to the glass covering the small lens on your device.
    Nubbers are backed with an adhesive that allows them to stick to the glass over your lens, yet easily peel away when you want to use your camera.

    Think it can't happen to you or your loved ones?

    A friend of mine had her phone hacked and turned into a remote viewing device. The person responsible was able to watch her whenever he wished, without her knowing that anything was happening! That's how the idea for Nubbers was born.
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